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A Look Inside Our Risk Management Group
We have Risk Management teams that support and partner with every aspect of our business.

How we take and manage risk directly impacts our company's performance and strategic direction. Our teams deliver consistent and effective management of the risks facing Regions to create a strong risk culture where every associate plays an important role in how we take and manage risk. As a result, there are a wide variety of opportunities for our associates to grow and progress their careers as part of our Risk Management Group.

Learn more about Risk Management and discover which teams could fit you best.
Explore Careers in Risk Management
How can you move your career forward?
Our Risk Management Group is focused on developing our associates through career tracks and internal mobility opportunities driven by ongoing training and learning with teams of professionals who have deep experience. The variety of teams in this group allows our associates to build careers based on their unique goals.

Whether on-site, hybrid or remote, our work arrangements help our associates do their best work that also fits their needs. 

Diversity & Inclusion Spotlight: Women of Risk Group

Established to provide professional growth and networking opportunities in Risk Management that supports recruiting, developing and retaining women risk managers.
What our associates are saying
The Risk Table Talks promoted networking and empowerment of women within Risk Management. The participants had amazing ideas for how we can better support each other.
Caitlin Barre
Head of Non-Financial Risk
​​​​​​​Strategy and Programs
What our associates are saying
It is important to me personally to be involved because I want to encourage the future generation that no matter your background, age, gender, race, etc., you can achieve your dreams with hard work and confidence.
Bianca Hill
Risk Analyst
Credit Risk Governance & Policy Compliance
What our associates are saying
I believe that by leaning on inclusive and diversified culture, a cross-section of talent can spur creativity which in turn improves productivity.
Uma Kannan
Digital Compliance Manager
Compliance & Regulatory Risk
What our associates are saying
I’m passionate about growing my career and want to enable and support other women to grow theirs, too. I want to share ideas and learn and grow from other women and if I’m lucky, help other women out while I’m at it!
Callie Perkins
Governance Manager
Enterprise Risk
What our associates are saying
I believe companies like Regions that care and value their associates will be rewarded in the long run.
Vivian Xiong
Quantitative Team Lead
Consumer Credit Risk

Insights into Our Risk Management Group

A Career Driven by Passion and Partnership: Anna Brackin Reflects

“That really plays a role in my story of ‘why Regions,’ and why the company’s vision and values speaks to me. I grew up very modestly and now I get to work for a company that is committed to helping make lives better,” said Brackin, who joined Regions in 2020 now serves as Chief Compliance Officer overseeing our company's compliance risk management program.

A Career Driven by Passion and Partnership: Anna Brackin Reflects
Irina Pritchett: Making great career moves across Regions
Irina Pritchett: Making great career moves across Regions and sharing how you can too.
Irina shares how she grew her career at Regions, where she sees herself in the future, and what advice she can offer to others wanting to do the same.
Martha Raber: Our Credit Position at Regions
Martha Raber: Our Credit Position at Regions
Our Head of Financial Risk Management shares about our credit position – what that means and how it impacts the financial health of our customers and the bank. Our solid earnings, the economic recovery in our markets and improved credit quality has positioned Regions for future growth. Regions also utilizes a variety of analytical models and tools, as well as closely assessing macroeconomic conditions, industry and sector trends and portfolio performance, to ensure our investments reflect smart business practices.
Regions ‘Powers Up’:
Providing Support and Career Development

A leadership program hosted by Regions Women of Risk for women and their allies with the goal to promote diversity in Risk Management and provide professional growth and networking opportunities. Attendees learned from four of our senior leaders who shared insights, experiences and inspiration.

"The discussions helped me understand the importance of communicating clearly, building relationships and identifying behaviors that can help grow my career."
-Grace Anne Joseph, Governance Analyst in Enterprise Risk

Regions ‘Powers Up’ to Provide Support and Career Development
We're proud of our workplace recognition.
Bring Your Whole Self to Work

We have a passion for creating an inclusive environment that promotes and values the differences that makes each of us stand out as unique individuals and help provide valuable perspective that makes us a better company and employer. More importantly, we recognize that creating a workplace where everyone, regardless of background, can do their best work and thrive is the right thing to do.

OFCCP Disclosure: Equal Opportunity Employer/Disabled/Veterans