Data Analytics, Data Science
and Quantitative Modeling
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Our data analytics, data science and quantitative modeling teams
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Make the most of your skills through our internal mobility programs that create opportunities for our associates to progress their careers through positions including Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Decision Scientist and Quantitative Modeler. 

Our associates have opportunities to move into and across multiple groups within Regions using their skills and interests. This provides unique opportunities to explore a wide variety of areas including: CCAR Modeling, Credit Risk and Decisioning, Liquidity Risk Management Models, Interest Risk Management Models, BSA/AML and OFAC Compliance Models, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Model Validation and more.

A Look Inside Data Analytics, Data Science and Quantitative Modeling

Nearly every group at Regions relies on Data Analytics, Data Science and Quantitative Modeling to drive their strategies and outcomes. This means your skills can support a wide variety of groups. Learn more about our teams and discover career opportunities based on what interests you.
Manages and protects our bank from risk, including financial risk, non-financial risk, compliance risk and credit risk, through frameworks and practices that are consistent with our culture and strategic priorities.
Data & Analytics
Develops and delivers data products and analytical tools that drive our focuses on continuous improvement for customer experience, risk management and revenue growth. 
Supports our consumer banking business needs for data and analytics, including our branches, mortgage and consumer support functions, to make banking better and easier for our customers.
Partners with technology teams, including application development, solution architecture and enterprise infrastructure, to deliver critical data and quantitative resources to advance our technology capabilities.
Provides insights and solutions for our internal teams, including contact center, loan fulfillment and loan operations, that impact how we service our customers and clients across our businesses. 
Supports our corporate banking group to enhance our competitive advantage in offering and delivering the best origination, execution and relationship management experience for our clients.
Builds internal partnerships, using data and analytics, to develop insights and solutions for critical corporate functions including Finance, Audit, Human Resources, Corporate Real Estate and Strategy.
Supports our wealth management teams to innovate and elevate our product suite offerings, banking delivery channels and client experience practices through collaboration with data tools. 

​​​​​Business Group Spotlights: Career Pathways

Risk Management
We have Risk Management teams that support and partner with every aspect of our business to impact our company's performance and strategic direction. As a result, there are a wide variety of opportunities to grow and progress as part of our Risk Management Group.

Learn more about Risk Management and discover which teams could fit you best.
We have Technology teams that impact every part of our company to help us transform into the bank of the future where our customers can bank where, when and how they want through innovative tools and solutions that also help our associates do their best work. As a result, there are a wide variety of opportunities to grow and progress as part of our Technology Group.

Learn more about Technology at Regions and discover which teams could fit you best.

​​​​​Learn How Regions Uses Data and Analytics

Manav Misra, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, and CEO John Turner, discuss how
our teams use data and analytics to benefit customers and help our bank operate more efficiently.
Learn how Regions uses data and analytics

Thought Leadership in Data Analytics, Data Science and Quantitative Modeling

Data & Trust Alliance:
Regions is a core working group member.
Regions associates are driving the conversation around standards for fair and effective uses of Artificial Intelligence in recruiting and talent management.
Data Science Day: Innovation and data are providing fuel to improve the customer experience.
It’s a chance for individuals within the company who work with data, analytics, machine learning, and data science to come together and talk about their discipline, learn about the innovative ways that the company is using data, and the critical role data science and the uses of data play at Regions.
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